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Pipe 3

"For the moments on the Elbe Beach"

Medium pipe made of olivewood, which impresses with its beautiful grain. In high gloss finish.

IMGP4588 (Copy) (Copy)
IMGP4571 (Copy) (Copy)
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Pipe 14

IMGP5239 (Copy)
IMGP5244 (Copy)
IMGP5242 (Copy)
IMGP5241 (Copy)
IMGP5248 (Copy)

Pipe 17

IMGP5671 (Copy)
IMGP5678 (Copy)
IMGP5675 (Copy)
IMGP5677 (Copy)
IMGP5676 (Copy)

Pipe 18

Simple pipe made of olive in a high-gloss finish

IMGP5573 (Copy)
IMGP5572 (Copy)
IMGP5570 (Copy)
IMGP5571 (Copy)
IMGP5577 (Copy)
IMGP5764 (Copy) (Copy)
IMGP5770 (Copy) (Copy)
IMGP5768 (Copy) (Copy)
IMGP5767 (Copy) (Copy)
IMGP5766 (Copy) (Copy)
IMGP5769 (Copy) (Copy)
IMGP5765 (Copy) (Copy)

Olivewood "The Elbe Beach"

Pipe 5

Pipe 29

Pfeife 3
Pfeife 5
Pfeif 14
Pfeife 17
Pfeie 18
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